All of our products are covered by great manufacturers warranties unfortunately, we no longer offer upgraded warranty options. iSee Optical is proud to stock high quality product from respected brands that will have fewer defects or warranty issues when compared to discounted or budget frame options.


One complete frame and lens replacement, no questions asked, within the first 12 months. We offer an additional lens only replacement as well. We do not offer warranty against loss, but if your child loses their glasses we will offer you a replacement pair at 50% off the original price.

Teens and Adults

All eyewear comes with free basic warranty. Frames and lenses are covered against manufacturer’s defects only and allow for one free replacement within one year of purchase.

What is a manufacturer’s defect?

Examples of a manufacturer’s defect include:

Flaking paint
Hinge malfunction
Solder point coming apart

Scratches and breaks due to normal wear and tear or abuse are not considered a manufacturer’s defect and are not covered.