Getting the right prescription and product is only the first step. You need to take care of your eyewear so that it lasts you as long as you need it to. Here are our top eyewear care tips.


eyeglasses with case and cleaning cloth

We recommend using a soft cloth and an approved eyeglass cleaner to care for your glasses. Never use Windex or any other ammonia-based window or glass cleaner, as they are too harsh and can damage the coatings on your lenses and damage your frame.

If your iSee Optical eyeglasses are getting particularly dirty, drop them off for a complete cleaning, including a dip in our ultrasonic cleaner.

Contact Lenses


Daily Calendar

These single-use lenses are not meant to be taken out, cleaned and reused, so no care regimen is needed.


Bi-Weekly Calendar

Your bi-weekly lenses are meant to be worn 14 times, preferably within a 30 day period. Acuvue products are meant to be disposed of 14 days after opening.

Overnight, you can store your bi-weekly lenses in a multi-purpose solution. It is best to continue using whatever brand of solution you were given with your lenses as mixing solutions can be bad for the contacts and your eyes.


Monthly Calendar

Your monthly lenses are meant to be worn up to 30 times and must be stored in a cleaning solution when not in use.