Eyeglass Lenses

Essilor lenses are our brand of choice at iSee Optical. Essilor lenses deliver the latest advantages in optical technology and are finished with Crizal Alize premium anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings.

We also offer transition lenses that darken in the sun to provide UV protection and lighten to become clear indoors. Prescription sunglasses are also available with polarized, tints and mirrored lenses that include full UV protection.

In addition to regular single vision lenses, we offer anti-fatigue, office and top-of-the-line progressive lens.

For our children’s eyeglass package, we use a kid-safe lens made from the same material used in industrial safety eyewear. These lenses provide the best possible protection for your children’s eyes and include an anti-scratch, anti-glare coating with full UV protection. Our children’s packages also include an amazing warranty – ask us in store for details.

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