Oakley logo

Oakley began in 1975 in California as designers of sports accessories. They released their first goggle in 1980 and first sunglass in 1984. They are the favourite of many athletes today. The company was sold to Italian conglomerate Luxottica in 2007 for 2.1 billion. Oalkey frames are in a league of their own. Their styles are unique, sporty and sleek. For a young company, they have accumulated a large loyal following world wide. iSee Optical has the largest selection of Oakley Ophthalmic frames in the Peace region.

Ray Ban Logo

Ray Ban was created by a US Army Colonel and Bausch and Lomb in 1929 for use by the Air Force. They came out with the Wayfarer in the 1960’s and it is one of their more popular models to this day. Their Aviator and Clubmaster have also been around for a long time and continue to be popular. Known for their Gray-green glass lens, their styles are generally very timeless. They were also acquired by Italy’s Luxottica.

Guess logo

Guess opened their first American store in 1981 and have been steadily expanding ever since. guess designs very contemporary fashionable eyewera aimed at the teen and young adult market. They are under the Marcolin Umbrella of designers.

Swarovski logo

The Swarovski company is over 100 years old, starting in 1895. While they have been making and marketing crystals for a long time, their crystals have only been used in eyewear in recent years.

Using Swarovski crystals in fine women’s eyeglass frames brings an extra touch of class and bling. iSee Optical is proud to carry the Swarovski line.

Diesel logo

Diesel was founded in Italy in 1978, they are very well known for their clothing, particularly their jeans. they carry mostly a contemporary mens style of eyeglass frames. their frames are both durable, modern and appeal to a wide range of men.

Harley Davidson logo

Harley-Davidson started manufacturing motorcycles in 1903 and has become world renown. they have recently loaned their name to durable contemporary eyewear line. Produced by Marcolin, they have a variety of styles that appeal to both men and women.

Modern Optical logo

Modern is an economical but fashionable frame line offered at iSee optical. Trendy styles and colors but at a reasonable price.

Charmossas Logo

Charmossas comes out of Spain, these fashionable frames generally feature bright colors and trendy styles all the while being very well made and durable frame. Manufactured in Spain but distributed by a Canadian company out of Toronto.

Coach logo

Since 1941 Coach has epitomized the effortlessness that is “New York style”. From a small family business, they have grown into a leading American fashion empire. The Coach eyewear collection perfectly portrays the clean and classy design that their products are known for. Coach has been revolutionizing their designs to suit the tastes of the younger urban dwellers, while continuing to uphold their timeless elegance.

Versace logo

Versace is known as one of the world’s most iconic and luxurious fashion houses. Proudly Italian, it is designed for clients who desire a modern style that combines sophistication and glamour. Versace is the epitome of Italian luxury and has unparalleled global popularity. Since 2003 their eyewear collection combines technical innovation and carries the distinctive visual details the fashion house is celebrated for.

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